Things to Consider Before You Build a Website

Do you currently have a website, blog or online shop?

If you are new to the webs and do not already have a website then we can design you a website from scratch.

If you already have a site, shop, blog or online system then we can take a look at it and work our magic on it. Sometimes it is easier to modify what is already there and other times it is easier or better to rebuild or to give you the required effect or manageability.

What is the purpose of your online presence?

There’s a number of reasons why people want or need a website.

  • Promote YOU or your specialty
  • Promote your BUSINESS or your products
  • Sell your products or services
  • Display your photos, videos or audios
  • Announce new information
  • Keep people updated
  • Share your passion
  • Gather information
  • Whatever (get inventive…)

What style and colour to do want?

Colour, layout an typefaces DO make a difference.

Your target market will often dictate the look. eg: If your target is young skateboarders then dark, grunge look might be the way to go. And if baby clothes are your thing then maybe pastel pinks and blues…

Should your website match your current branding?


Do I need pictures, photos or images?

YES. How many and where they are placed are important to attract and guide your visitors eyes on the page. They also conjure up images in their minds rather than pouring over tons or words. Many people are just visual and don;t like reading much.

What about video and audio?

YES again! Some people are just visual. If you want to attract the biggest slice of market then you should include video in your presentation mix.

YouTube is now over 6% of the internet’s traffic. 4 years ago it was only 1%. If you do NOT put video on your ite (can be linked through to your YouTube or other

Do you already have a domain name?

If you do then we can move or manage it. We need to have it “pointed” to our servers for the internet to know where your website resides.

If you don’t yet have any domain names then we can register and manage them for you. Most business will need a few different names to cover their IP (Intellectual Property) product names or brands.

Do you need email with that?

Thanks to McDonald’s that phrase is now famous. But there is more to a website than just web pages. Branding your email to your website is imperative, especially if you are a business.

You should NEVER promote your ISP issued email address (eg. That’s just dumb. We can look after

Do you need us to supply any images, videos, audios etc?


Do you already have your info in a compatible format?


How many products or services do you have?


How many versions or variables of your products?


Are your products physical or virtual?


Do you want or need a custom website template?


Do you have your own servers?


How much storage capacity and bandwidth do you need?


Do you want us to keep looking after your site?


Do you want us to setup your social media networks?


Do you need any training?


How fast do you need the work done?